1)- Almonds Almonds are one of the richest source of vitamin E . A 100 gram serving of almonds provides 26.2 milligrams of Vitamin E. Although it’s always advisable to consume raw almonds, you can take them as almond oil or almond milk as well. Almonds are also rich in fiber and helps you in reducing weight. 

2)- Sunflower Seeds Sunflower seeds are also good source of vitamin E .100 g of Sunflower seeds contains 36.6 mg of Vitamin E.  Sunflower oil is a good source too, providing 5.6 mg of the vitamin and 120 calories. 

3)- Spinach  Spinach is loaded with vitamin E and many other essential nutrients like Iron , Antioxidants and Fiber. We can add Spinach in our salad or sandwiches to make them extra healthy.

4)- Papaya Papaya is most commonly known as Vitamin C rich fruit but it also contain a good amount of Vitamin E . One fresh papaya can meet your 17% daily Vitamin E requirement. You can add fresh papaya to fruit smoothie. 

5)- Olive  Olive is a great source of Vitamin E . You can also use olive oil instead of your mustard oil as olive oil contain a good amount of Vitamin E and very less amount of calories.

6)- Peanuts –  Peanut are also another well known source of Vitamin E . A 100g serving will provide 6.9mg (46% DV) of vitamin E. We can use use Peanut butter as it is good in taste and rich in vitamin E.

7)- Wheat Germ Wheat germ is another richest source of Vitamin E . Just one tbsp of wheat germ oil is believed to provide 100% of your daily Vitamin E requirement. 

8)- Kiwi Kiwi is another rich sorce of vitamin E . It is also rich in Vitamin C . 1 medium sized kiwi contains 1.1 mg of Vitamin E. You can also make fruit smoothie to get their best.

9)- Avocado  Avocado is another rich source of Vitamin E. 1 Avocado contains 4 mg of Vitamin E.

10)- Turnip Green Turnip green is another well known and rich source of Vitamin E . It is little bitter in taste but having a high nutritious value. Half a cup of Vitamin E contains 2.9mg of Vitamin E.