1) Oats Oats are rich in fiber . Consuming a bowl of oats in breakfast keeps you full throughout the day and help boost metabolism thereby burning fat.

2) Green Tea Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins are what help speed metabolism and fat burning.You should drink a cup of Green tea every day to loose your weight.

3) AvocadosAvocados are very helpful in loosing weight . It contains ample amount of fiber that gives a feeling of fullness, so that one can stay satisfied with food for longer and proper digestion can also take place.

4) Almonds  Almonds are rich in Vitamin E , Protein and fiber , their high fiber content stops you feeling hungry. You should eat some Almonds in the morning to loose your weight.

5) Olive OilYou should use olive oil for cooking . It is low in fat content as compare to other oils . olive oil itself contains a naturally-occurring chemical called oleic acid, which aids the breakdown of excess fats in the body.

6) BroccoliBroccoli is rich in fiber and low in fat content. Eating broccoli keeps you full without adding excess fat to your body.

7) Kidney Beans Kidney Beans are rich in protein and fiber . They provide you essential nutrients and helps you in loosing weight. 

8) Raspberries Raspberries are rich in fiber . A cup of raspberries delivers a whopping 8 grams of fiber (that’s more than double what’s in a cup of strawberries and about the same amount in a cup of some types of beans). You should eat raspberries daily to loose your weight quickly.

9) Tomatoes  Tomatoes are rich in water content and low in fat . You can eat Tomatoes as you salad with your lunch to loose weight.

10) Melon Half a melon contains almost twice as much potassium as bananas do, making it a low-calorie, high-antioxidant alternative that can aid the removal of excess fluids around the body.